How it all started

The company was founded in Copenhagen by Ivar Lemche. The idea of the company was to be agent and wholesaler for the clothing industry. At that time the company had huge collections of all kind of compositions, weights and colours. The main sourcing came from the UK, France and Germany.

Iver Lemche┬┤s three sons joined the company in the 1950s and in 1958 the two youngest sons decided to establish their own company. The youngest of the two sons, Henrik, decided to move to Silkeborg in 1967 because the main part of the business suddenly began to be in lower wage area in Denmark.

In 1988 the third generation joined the company. After studies, and after four years experience abroad within sourcing, marketing and sales, Morten Lemche started working together with his father. Sadly his father was already ill and Morten therefore soon took over the activities.

The third generation is still responsible for the activities in the company.