About us

About the company

We are one of the leading companies in Scandinavia with great knowledge about fabrics and production of garments for the fashion industry. The company is now owned by the third generation from father to son.

We do business with all major retailers and fashion brands in Scandinavia in the form full packages, consultancy, sourcing and production.

We can offer consultancy, fabrics and production facilities.

Our office and showroom are situated in beautiful surroundings, and we also visit our customers frequently and attend domestic and international fairs.


Lemche Textile wants to continue to stay as one of the leading companies within its field. The values of being able to give any client a competent advice in all aspects of the value chain from raw material to the final product.

We only work with the most advanced and reliable sources within the industry.

Honesty and see-through business with a close relationship to everyone is a principle which we will always respect.


To spread the understanding from raw material to finished product.